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Stacy Bozarth

Connection Advocate & Leadership Consultant

Executive Director | The John Maxwell Team

In addition to possessing strong leadership skills and a heart for others, your "world" needs you to be strong, hopeful, and effective in your abilities allowing you to lead from your strengths. I can help.

I’ll help you address the lost art of both communicating (effectively) and creating meaningful connection. We'll do this through a leadership lens as we develop the skills you need to influence your environments in a healthy way. These skills are crucial to  create "desired culture" in important personal and professional relationships.


Often unaware of our abilities to influence (lead)  and primarily without intentional direction, our default strategies become the path of least resistance, crisis management, and auto-pilot. This happens over time as we become weary, tired and stressed. This auto pilot approach to life, and the people in it, becomes almost a survival mechanism.  As the years tick by, we buoy along hoping to keep our head afloat as the years of juggling everyone's agendas and responsibilities, while missing out on meaningful connections, slowly takes its toll. I assure you there is a better way! I'll help you find yours!


I will encourage you to move toward a life of significance by helping you get clear about where you are today. You will determine what you really value, what your strengths are, and how to put the two together to serve others from your strength zone.  

Building a high performance team is challenging to say the least. Maintaining a high level of excellence while growing, expanding and changing with the world around us requires additional skill sets and a constant focus on developing both individual team members and the "health" of the team as well. 

Fast is getting faster, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Time is literally the only commodity we can never get back. Fortunately, there are ways to maximize the gift of time on this earth. In each role we "play" we are given a choice as to who we want to be as we interact with each other. Is interaction really enough? Are we fulfilled by interactions throughout the day? Or do we crave a deeper level of connection? 


My mentor, John Maxwell, says "We don’t connect head to head, we connect heart to heart." With this in mind, there must be both an awareness and intention about the roles you are in. Once we begin to utilize these skills,  the role of relationships within each lane becomes the path to success in each area of your life. As leaders we know that people don't care how much we know, until they know how much we care.  


I hope you are sensing a theme here! We (you and I) have much work to do. You are designed and equipped for the many roles and challenges you face, but you are busy. I have proven methods, programs and resources to impact individuals, teams and organizations. 


Together we can strengthen our communities, both personally and professionally, in a positive and respectful way.

You will make a difference. Your world needs you. Better yet, we will do it together.


I would love to connect with you...

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