Stacy Bozarth

An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team

I believe that we, as women, set the rhythm in the “dance” of our families and friendships. We help create “culture” in these most important relationships. 


We are often unaware of our abilities to influence, and without intentional direction, our default strategies become the path of least resistance, crisis management, and auto-pilot. I will encourage you to move toward a life of significance by helping you get clear about what you want your relationships to be.  


For the last 20+ years I have helped women be their best physical, mental, spiritual and emotional selves through Jazzercise. I have taught at national conventions, spoken to large groups at meetings, and trained new instructors across the country while also teaching local classes many times per week.


Through these opportunities, an amazing team of women joined me on a journey of self-help using dance fitness, choreographed movement, and motivating music, as well as both educational instruction and verbal inspiration. We rode through the fast-paced changes of the fitness industry, carrying each other through the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat both professionally and personally.  We learned that by developing a positive place for our customers to come and just “be,” we also created an oasis of sorts for everyone involved.


After a few years in this career, I began to notice many things. First and foremost, when women come together to take care of themselves, and each other, beautiful things happen. As the owner of a small business that primarily attracted women, I spent much time leading and loving women through the ever-changing seasons of life. In my next chapter I  will help women to be kinder to themselves so that they can in turn be kinder to each other. Unfortunately, kindness is quickly becoming a lost art in our fast paced, pressure cooker lives.


For many of us, this happens over time as we become weary, tired and stressed. This auto pilot approach to relationships becomes almost a survival mechanism.  We buoy along hoping to keep our head afloat as the years of carpooling, kids’ activities, husband’s job responsibilities, friendship responsibilities, wife responsibilities, and our job responsibilities slowly take their toll and the years tick by. 


Fast is getting faster, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Time is literally the only commodity we can never get back. Fortunately, there are ways to maximize the gift of time on this earth.


As women, we play many roles that we often times don’t even consider: moms, wives, sisters, aunts, sisters in-law, daughters-in law, friend, best friend, acquaintance, employer, employee, neighbor, student, leader, teacher, mentor, follower… to name just a few. In each role we are given a choice as to who we want to be as we interact with each other. Is interaction really enough? Are we fulfilled by interactions throughout the day? Or do we crave a deeper level of connection? 


My mentor, John Maxwell, says "We don’t connect head to head, we connect heart to heart. " With this in mind, there must be both an awareness and intention about these roles we play.  Otherwise our connections will come and go with minimal or no benefit.


So, woman to woman, I’d like to help you address the lost art of communicating (effectively) and connecting soul to soul while developing the leadership skills you need to influence your relationships in a healthy way. The roles we play on this earth are invaluable. Our young women are struggling to get their footing in the dance of life. They need wisdom, direction and loving support as they run into the many different roadblocks life throws each of us. There are effective ways to build healthy relationships through the generations, which allows wisdom to flow freely through mutual respect and connection. 

I hope you are sensing a theme here! We women have much work to do. We are designed and equipped for the many roles and challenges we face, but we are busy, and we need additional skills, and most importantly we need each other. Together we can strengthen our communities and beyond in a positive and loving way.


In my heart of hearts, I have always wanted the best for the people I meet and know. I literally see pure potential in others.  I am called to join forces with women to better our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and help others experience the full beauty of this dance we call life!

I would love to connect with you...

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